Our Team

The dedicated team restoring the Bohemia Inn combines expertise and passion, ensuring the property’s historic charm is preserved for future generations.

Ryan Thomas

Ryan was born in Springfield, Oregon and has lived in the area his entire life. After attending the University of Oregon, Ryan started working in the construction industry before starting Ryan Thomas Construction in 1996, which he continues to operate. In 2018, Ryan founded the real estate development company, Ferndale Properties, LLC. Through Ferndale, Ryan develops both residential and commercial properties, with a focus on renovation of historic properties in historic downtowns throughout Oregon. Historic property development combines Ryan’s loves of history, architecture, preservation, community and business development and construction.

Ryan has been fortunate to spend his life with a large, nearby family. He enjoys traveling and exploring throughout the US and abroad. He also enjoys spending time in the outdoors in Oregon which provides wonderful, diverse outdoor opportunities with its beautiful coastline, Willamette Valley, mountains, desert and Columbia River Gorge.

Campfire Collaborative

Campfire Collaborative: Architecture & Design is a women-owned, multi-disciplinary design studio anchored in the heart of downtown Springfield, Oregon. Since 2016, principal architect Jenna Fribley and her team have been intertwined with all things relating to revitalization on Springfield’s Main Street. Campfire strives to thoughtfully improve and preserve the historic fabric in a manner that is compatible with future growth and development. Working closely with building owners and small business entrepreneurs, Campfire designs solutions which contribute to the broader outcome of civic revitalization and community pride. The firm has participated in the renovation of nearly one-third of the buildings in Springfield’s historic downtown core: Stevens and Perkins Building, Hasting Building, Southern Pacific Depot, 448 Main Street, 525 Mill Street, and 215 Main Street. Campfire brings years of experience with local codes, processes, partners, as well as knowledge of the climate, geographic & cultural context. Campfire Collaborative was named the 2020 Emerging Firm for challenging architectural conventions (AIA Northwest and Pacific Region).

Campfire has worked with Ryan Thomas Construction for many years. Ryan is often the preferred general contractor for Campfire designs. Together, they have completed residential and commercial projects as well as several adaptive-reuse projects in Lane County. Campfire is excited to partner with Ryan Thomas on the rehabilitation of his own historic building in Cottage Grove. Let’s make the Bohemia Inn a destination that recognizes its past and supports modern endeavors!

Jenna Fribley

Jenna Fribley is an architect, tinkerer, teacher, dog lover, whistler, endurance runner and puzzle fanatic with midwestern roots. Jenna moved from Indiana to Oregon about 20 years ago to earn a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Oregon. She stayed in the Eugene area and has cultivated a deep familiarity with the towns and wilds of Lane County.

Jenna brings 15 years of architectural experience to the Bohemia Inn project including adaptive reuse of historic buildings in downtown Springfield. As the principal and co-founder of Campfire Collaborative, Jenna delves into the details and stories that root a project in its place, integrating structures into their surroundings whether it is a natural landscape or an urban historic streetscape. Her obsession with history has helped inform the design and rehabilitation efforts for many commercial buildings in Springfield. For the Bohemia Inn, Jenna compiled photos over the last century that show the timeline of exterior alterations and provide a reference for rehabilitating the storefront to its early 1900s appearance. Her research has inspired Ryan Thomas to learn more about the history of the building and broader region. The design for the Bohemia Inn aims to highlight some of the building’s former uses, tenants, and original construction elements. Jenna will be the principal architect for this project.

Bonnie Dominguez

Bonnie Dominguez is a designer at Campfire Collaborative. She does much of the initial legwork for a project including gathering field measurements and creating baseline digital models of an existing structure. With a mind for technical details, she researches building code requirements and consults with city and utilities staff to ensure compliance. She also creates technical drawings for the permitting process. Bonnie has done all these important steps for the Bohemia Inn and was especially helpful in translating the 1920s storefront design from the historic photos into modeling software. Outside of work, Bonnie serves as a Eugene Police Commissioner. She also does stand-up comedy as well as voice work for a local video game company. She is passionate about space exploration, bearded dragons, and creating terrariums.

Rachel Glaeser

Rachel Glaeser has worked at Campfire Collaborative for two years as an office manager. She assists with many office needs including writing project proposals as well as applications for awards and grants. She helped write the successfully funded “Diamonds in the Rough” grant application (run by the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office), which will partially fund the Bohemia Inn façade rehabilitation. She will also assist Downtown Cottage Grove, an advocacy group for city revitalization, in applying for the 2024 Oregon Main Street Revitalization Grant. This is another SHPO preservation grant that would be used for additional Bohemia Inn building rehabilitation. Rachel enjoys learning about the vision and goals of various project stakeholders; her writing communicates their passion and presents pertinent project details with clarity. Rachel is also an avid bicycle tourist and enjoys taking slow bike trips from Springfield to the surrounding forests and towns. She is excited to eventually wheel down to Cottage Grove and stay at the Bohemia Inn!